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The most accurate finger-prick test you can take from the comfort of your own home.

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Easily Identify Roadblocks to Having a Kid


Are my hormones supporting a healthy ovulation?

Ovarian Reserve

Is my ovarian reserve in-line with my age?


Is egg-freezing right for me?


Should I look into medications?

We’ll analyze your hormone results and send you personalized recommendations & support so you can have a kid on your terms.

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This is a fantastic home-based system designed for those of us with a busy lifestyle. Orchid genuinely cares about people. Joining the Orchid fertility community is a great reminder that you're never alone in your journey!

Cassandra Gandle, MD

Chair of the Orchid Medical Advisory Board

What Will I Learn?


Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
FSH levels provide insight into the cause of irregular menstrual cycles, early onset menopause, and how well the ovaries are performing. FSH is how your pituitary gland communicates with your ovaries.
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Luteinizing Hormone
LH levels rise midway through your menstrual cycle and signal to the ovaries to release an egg (ovulate). LH levels provide insight into the cause of irregular periods and can confirm early onset menopause.
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Prolactin rises during pregnancy and causes milk production to occur. However, too much prolactin can interfere with ovulation and cause irregular periods and infertility.
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As Simple as a Finger-Prick

We use advanced collection technology that provides results as accurate as a venous blood draw.

No need to go to the clinic! With Orchid, you can get certified results from home. 

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Customer Reviews

(7 customer reviews)
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My results were very easy to understand and helpful! Working with Brandon and Allison has been wonderful. We feel much more confident moving forward with our plans for kids!
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I ordered the sperm test kit for my husband and this hormone test for me. The entire process was super easy and they were extremely responsive to any questions that I had. It was nice having such great support.
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This test kit was great! Super easy to do following the instruction video step-by-step. The best thing about Orchid is how comprehensive the results are. They go into great detail about what each hormone is, what is considered normal, what your levels mean and how to move forward. I highly recommend this kit, even for people like myself who aren’t looking to have a baby just yet. It’s been enlightening to know what I need to do to keep myself feeling great and healthy!
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Very informative results. It EXPLAINS your results at a comprehensive level of how all your hormones play into fertility. It helps me take steps and work with my fertility doctor and reach our goal of starting our family! The test itself was super easy to do and the results came in much quicker than I expected. Worth every penny. They were very responsive to my questions and just excellent customer service. Thank you!
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Would definitely recommend! Found out a lot about myself with this simple blood test.

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