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Hi! Allison & Brandon here. When we were trying to get pregnant, there were no at-home fertility tests available that were as accurate as ones performed by a phlebotomist.

We didn’t want others to go through the anxiety that we felt, so we created the Orchid Crew. 

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My results were very easy to understand and helpful! Working with Brandon and Allison has been wonderful.
Women's Hormone
Kit arrived in only a couple of days, instructions were super clear and easy to follow, and I got my results the very next day.
Semen Analysis
Process was easy. Day after mailing, you find out results via email. Very responsive as well!
Vasectomy Confirmation

As Simple as a Finger-Prick

Our hormone tests include advanced technology that provides more reliable results compared to collection cards (like our competitors use). 

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We’re the first company to offer at-home fertility tests for men & women

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We’re a proud sponsor of Hope for Fertility, a non-profit organization that offers grants to couples all across the United States who are struggling with infertility. Hope for Fertility offers financial assistance towards infertility treatments, surrogacy or adoption.

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Cassandra Gandle, MD

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  1. The Technology
    • We use advanced collection devices in our kits, which provide more accurate results than dried-blood spot cards (the cheaper option our competitors use). 
  2. The Cost
    • It’s not uncommon for similar tests to cost upwards of $300.
  3. The Customer Service
    • As a small family-run business, if you need anything at all, we’re an email (or chat) away!
  4. The Personalized Results & Recommendations
    • Competitors will simply throw numbers at you.
    • We give you simple, actionable recommendations so you can have a child on your terms. 

The primary goal of our test is to help identify anything that might stand in the way of you having a child. 

Each year, about 7 million people have difficulty getting pregnant. Most of these people have treatable conditions. We provide a product that can help you identify potential problems ahead of time and quickly resolve them. 

We’ve tested our kits ourselves (many times)! We compare the feeling to getting a small bug bite. Once you’ve completed the blood collection, you can go on about your day as normal. 

Yes! The hormones that we test for are present in men & women. Hormone imbalances can occur in men and women. 

We also offer at-home tests for men to test their sperm.

We include physician-approved actionable recommendations in your final lab report – written in simple terms!

When you receive your personalized report, you will notice that we explain each hormone’s function (or sperm characteristic), how your body uses it, and what a high or low level could mean for your overall health.

Our at-home fertility tests are a convenient starting point for evaluating your current health and will give you an indication of what you should do next.

Absolutely! In a study performed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), finger-prick sample results were nearly identical to those obtained from a venous blood draw.

Also, our VAMS technology increases the accuracy of our results relative to the collection cards that our competitors use. 

Lastly, our sperm tests come with an advanced preservative to protect your sample on its 24-hour journey back to our lab. 


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